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Finest Ego #8 mit Mike Gao

Im Februar ver­öf­fen­licht Project:Mooncircle die zweite Aus­gabe ihrer „Faces”-Serie. Auf der limi­tier­ten 12″ sind auf denen Tracks von Mike Goa und Dai­suke Tan­abe zu hören. Beide Pro­du­zen­ten haben einen sehr ver­schie­de­nen Hin­ter­grund, abge­se­hen von ihrer offen­sicht­lich asia­ti­schen Herkunft.

Im Zen­trum die­ser Aus­gabe steht Mike Gao. Der ange­hende Dok­tor für Elec­tri­cal Engi­nee­ring hat sei­nen Mas­ter in Music Tech­no­logy in Stan­ford gemacht. Doch nicht nur an der Uni­ver­si­tät ist er unter­wegs. Wäh­rend sei­ner Kar­riere als Under­ground Hip Hop– und Scratch-Dj in Chi­cago nahm er erfolg­reich an Beat Batt­les teils. Nach sei­nen Umzug an die ame­ri­ka­ni­sche West­küste avan­cierte er inner­halb der Underground-Szene von Los Ange­les schnell zum Geheim­tipp. Mitt­ler­weile ver­öf­fent­licht er  auf Labels wie All City (mit Toki­mons­ter), Galapagos4 und Pro­ject: Mooncircle.

Mike Goa

In english please: Mike Gao is a music tech­no­logy rese­ar­cher, holds a Mas­ters degree in Music Tech­no­logy at Stan­ford and is pur­suing his PhD in Elec­tri­cal Engi­nee­ring at UCSD. After a career as under­ground Hip Hop and Scratch DJ in Chi­cago (working with such names as Qwel, Mes­tizo and Lucky­iam) he began par­ta­king and win­ning in nume­rous beat batt­les, Low End Theory being the most pro­mi­nent one, which makes him one of the best kept secrets in the Los Ange­les beat scene. He released music on labels such as All City with Toki­monsta, Galapagos4, Pro­ject: Moon­cir­cle and many more.

Going to be released upco­m­ing Febru­ary, the second edi­tion of our “Faces“ series will exhi­bit works by the two extra­or­di­nary pro­du­cers Dai­suke Tan­abe and Mike Gao. Again, com­ing from very dis­tinct bio­gra­phi­cal back­grounds – des­pite their obvious Asian descent – the two are con­nec­ted through their artistic excel­lence and uncom­pro­mi­sing musi­cal crea­ti­ons and visi­ons. In sym­bio­sis with these noc­turnal fly­ing mam­m­als they use their ultra-precise sonic waves to navi­gate imper­tur­bably through dark nights, lea­ving their prey with no chance of escape.

Limited 12” vinyl for serious collec­tors, DJ’s and record addicts only!

Das wird Gespielt:

  1. Intro “Finest Ego” (Pro­du­ced by Robot Koch)
  2. B-Ju – Linguist
  3. Volor Flex – I Miss You
  4. Skit: Krts
  5. Deckard – Andromeda
  6. Tei­elte – Fire fea­turing Daniel Drumz – Unreleased
  7. Com­fort Fit – Hund­red One Percent
  8. Ssa­liva – SPA82 – Unreleased
  9. Soosh – Take My Hand – Unreleased
  10. Mike Gao – Run Before You Wake – Unreleased
  11. Skit: fLako
  12. Brenk – Dolla Bill
  13. Ill-Luzion – Lucid Dream
  14. Mike Gao – Her­s­trio­nics (Upco­m­ing Finest Ego | Faces 12″ Series Vol. 2)
  15. Mike Gao – Futu­ristic Wife
  16. Mike Gao – Bewanderment
  17. Skit: Kelpe
  18. Mike Gao – Aus­gangsta (Upco­m­ing Finest Ego | Faces 12″ Series Vol. 2)
  19. Dai­suke Tan­abe – Ten Spikes (Upco­m­ing Finest Ego | Faces 12″ Series Vol. 2)
  20. Titus Twelve – The Great Escape (FIRST AID‘s Dead-End Remix)
  21. Nocow – Sever Ties – Unreleased
  22. Kyson – Hid­den Thought Struc­ture Feat. Zam – Unreleased
  23. Kwala – Para Salin
  24. Kili­man­jaro – Bajkal

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