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Finest Ego #17 mit XXYYXX

XXYYXX ist der Künst­ler­name des sechs­zehn­jäh­ri­gen Pro­du­zen­ten Mar­cel Everett aus Orlando, Flo­rida. Ver­gli­chen wird er bereits mit Namen wie James Blake, J Dilla und Star Slin­ger. In sei­nem Zim­mer arbei­tet Mar­cel haupt­säch­lich an Beats, die bereits auf Platt­for­men wie XLR8R, Ear­milk und Indie Shuf­fle große Auf­merk­sam­keit erlang­ten. Er kre­iert har­mo­ni­sche Musik, die Emo­tio­nen aus­löst und leb­hafte Bil­der von Ruhe und Schwer­mut transportiert.

In english: XXYYXX is the name of Orlando, FL’s upco­m­ing 16 year old beat producer, Marcel Everett. He’s been com­pa­red to James Blake, J Dilla, and Star Slin­ger. Mar­cel works out of his own bedroom stu­dio and crea­tes beats as his main focus. His music has been fea­tured on XL8R, Ear­milk, and Indie Shuf­fle. Now he is crea­ting har­mo­nious music that pro­vo­kes emo­tion and trans­mits vivid images of peace and still sadness.

Das wird gespielt:

01. Intro “Finest Ego” (Pro­du­ced by Robot Koch)
02. Fourth State – Fin­ger Clicks [Unre­leased]
03. Portico Quar­tet – Paper Scis­sors Stone [Real World Records]
04. Woulg – End [Enig’matik Records]
05. Hidden Orches­tra – Remin­der [Tru Thoughts]
06. Nathan Fake – Cascade Always Sibe­ria [Bor­der Com­mu­nity]
07. Robots Don’t Sleep – So Bad (Syn­kro Vocal Mix) [Forth­co­m­ing, Sony Colum­bia]
08. Om Unit – Le Singe (Om Edit 002) [Forth­co­m­ing, Cosmic Bridge]
09. XXYYXX – About You [Relief In Abstract]
10. XXYYXX – Fields [Relief In Abstract]
11. FIS – Club Track [Exit Records]
12. Abstronaft Pro­ject – Dancing Birds [Unre­leased]
13. Lomovolokno – Frac­ture [Ritmo Spor­tivo]
14. 1991 – Fabric Of Space [Astro:Dynamics]
15. Memotone – Rooftop [Black Acre]
16. Kidsuke – Cherry Chi­mes [Forth­co­m­ing, Project:Mooncircle]
17. Sorrow ft. CoMa & Shura – Your Lips Your Soul (Always) [Unreleased]